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File handling

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Importing trees

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Preparing the chart for sending

Dropping files into TreeDraw

Changing the K&KPro database link names

Preferences | File settings

Tree import settings

Choosing import options

Preferences | Import visuals

Preferences | Import fields

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Getting import visual styles from selection

Editing a chart

Selecting the pointer tool

Selecting chart elements

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Adding text

Editing text

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Adding pictures and graphics

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Deleting chart elements

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Updating text automatically

Undoing the previous operation

Redoing the subsequent operation

Undoing several operations

Scaling the chart


Setting text font

Setting text alignment

Setting text rotation

Setting word wrapping

Changing a text element's link to a K&KPro database

Selecting a family to use in a database link

Selecting a person to use in a database link

Setting the line style

Choosing a line style

Setting the shape fill pattern

Setting colours

Repeating the last format change

Getting default styles from selection


Changing the order of chart elements

Aligning chart elements horizontally

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Spacing chart elements evenly

Centring curved lines


Using the magnifier

Enlarging text

Turning the snap-to-grid on and off

Displaying page-breaks

Using the ruler

Moving around the drawing area

Zooming in and out

Searching for text

Turning the Colour Palette on and off

Turning the Chart View Control on and off

Turning the Button Bar on and off

Customising the Button Bar

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Preferences | Appearance


Printing a chart

Selecting pages to print

Setting page size/margins/orientation/footer

Setting a user-defined paper size

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Database fields

These are the standard fields as used by Kith and Kin Pro V3. TreeDraw also uses these field types as a temporary storage for GEDCOM files. This involves several separate tables (files) within the database which are linked together by common fields. This version of TreeDraw will not read Kith and Kin Pro V1 or V2 databases.

Additional fields (user-defined fields) may be present in some Kith and Kin Pro tables and you can add fields to the GEDCOM database in "Options | Preferences | GEDCOM".

Field types

Table nameField nameType Links / Notes
Aliases PersonCodeIntegerPeople | Code
Date of changeDate 
SurnameString (60) 
FirstnamesString (60) 
SoundexString (4)Soundex code for the surname
MetaphoneString (10)Metaphone code for the surname
TitleString (60) 
AuthorString (60) 
RepositoryIntegerRepositories | Code
Repositorys refString (60) 
MediaString (60) 
DescriptionString (120) 
Marriage dateDate 
Marriage placeString (60) 
Divorce dateDate 
Divorce placeString (60) 
Fathers nameString (60)Surname first for sorting
Mothers nameString (60)Surname first for sorting
Change dateDateDate of last record change
ChangedLogicalRecord changed flag
LayerIntegerLayers | Code
(user-defined fields)  
DescriptionString (60)Layer name
LinksRecTypeString (1) 
PersFamIntegerPeople | Code if RecType = 'P';
Families | Code if RecType = 'F'
ChildMarrIntegerFamilies | Code if RecType = 'P';
People | Code if RecType = 'F'
DefiniteLogicalFalse = probable link
NotesRecordTypeString (1) 
RecordCodeIntegerPeople | Code if RecordType = 'P';
Families | Code if RecordType = 'F'
DescriptionString (60) 
PrivacyLevelSmall integer 
ObjectsRecordTypeString (1) 
RecordCodeIntegerPeople | Code if RecordType = 'P';
Families | Code if RecordType = 'F'
OrderIntegerSequence number to define the order
DescriptionString (60) 
DescriptionString (120) 
SurnameString (60) 
FirstnamesString (60) 
MaleLogicalTrue = male
Birth dateDate 
Birth placeString (60) 
Christening dateDate 
Christening placeString (60) 
Death dateDate 
Death placeString (60) 
Burial dateDate 
Burial placeString (60) 
Search dateDateBirth or christening date for sorting
Search placeString (60)Birth or christening place for sorting
DeadLogicalTrue = dead
Change dateDateDate of last record change
ChangedLogicalRecord changed flag
SoundexString (4)Soundex code for the surname
MetaphoneString (10)Metaphone code for the surname
(user-defined fields)  
PicturesRecordTypeString (1) 
RecordCodeIntegerPeople | Code if RecordType = 'P';
Families | Code if RecordType = 'F'
OrderIntegerSequence number to define the order
InPrintsLogicalTrue = include in printouts
DescriptionString (60) 
FilenameString (60)Image filename relative to the Pictures folder
WidthSmall integerin tenths mm
HeightSmall integerin tenths mm
PLayers  Identifies the layers each person is on
PersonCodeIntegerPeople | Code
LayerCodeIntegerLayer | Code
NameString (60) 
PhoneString (20) 
EmailString (60) 
Web siteString (60) 
SourcesOrderIntegerSequence number to define the order
RecordTypeString (1) 
RecordCodeIntegerPeople | Code if RecordType = 'P';
Families | Code if RecordType = 'F
FieldNameString (30) 
DocumentIntegerDocuments | Code
PageString (60) 
QuaySmall integerQuality of data; 0=Primary evidence - 3=Unreliable
UFields  Holds the definitions for user-defined fields
RecTypeString (1)People table if = 'P';
Families table if = 'F'
FieldNameString (25) 
GEDTag1String (5) 
GEDTag2String (5) 
GEDTag3String (5) 
PrivacyLevelSmall integer