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Tutorial - Printing a chart

This tutorial requires the sample chart supplied with the program - use "File | Open" and choose "Sample.tdr"

Subjects: Setting page options, selecting pages, printing a chart.

If it is not already open, use "File | Open" to open the Sample.tdr file. If the chart is not visible, use Ctrl+A to select everything and then Ctrl+N to select normal viewing which also has the effect of scrolling to the selected elements. Left-click on nothing to de-select the chart elements.

Page settings

Before printing the chart you should check that the page settings are correct for your printer. Click on "File | Page setup" to display the current page and printer settings.

Printer settings

This displays the current printer and paper source. If you want to change these click on the "Setup" button.


If you prefer to work in millimetres, click on the mm option.

Page size

The sample chart is designed to print on an A4 sheet. If your paper is different, click on the arrow to the right of the page size description and select your paper size from the drop-down list. If your paper size is not listed you can type the dimensions into the "Width" and "Height" boxes.


Choose portrait or landscape to tell the printer which direction the chart should be printed on the page. The sample chart is designed to print landscape.


Make sure that the page margins are greater than your printer's non-printing area around the edge of the paper. TreeDraw will check this automatically when you click on the OK button.

Page footer

There are several optional items which can be printed at the bottom of each page. Again, make sure that the "Distance from bottom of page" is greater than your printer's non-printing area. It is usually best to choose a distance which prints the footer within the bottom margin. This stops the footer overprinting parts of the chart.

You can change the font used to print the footer in "Options | Preferences | Appearance".

Selecting the pages to print

Before you can print a chart you must tell TreeDraw which pages you want to print; the drawing area contains millions of pages!

Click on "Options | Display page breaks" to turn on the page-breaks display if it is not already on. To see the chart better, press "Ctrl+O" three times to zoom out to 20%. You will now be able to see dotted red lines which mark the edges of each page. Note that the sizes of the displayed pages exclude the page margins so a chart line which crosses a vertical page break on the screen will stop at the right margin of one page and resume again at the left margin of the next page when printed. The sample chart already has the top-left page selected and this is indicated by a solid red border around this one page.

To change which pages are selected, click on "Tools | Select pages" or on the Select pages button. Drag the mouse around the drawing area with the left mouse button down. You will see an expanding rectangle follow the cursor around the screen. When it covers the pages you want to print release the mouse button. Note that TreeDraw stores which pages are selected in a particular chart inside the chart's (.tdr) file so that the next time you open the chart file, the correct pages will be selected.


Click on the Print button or click on "File | Print" to start printing the selected pages. The status bar at the bottom of the TreeDraw window will show the progress of the print operation. If you want to abort the printout, click on the small abort button next to the progress display or press the Esc key.

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